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The Kaibobos and THEIR

Beauty of Nature

Follow a panoramic road through rainforest and breathtaking scenery. Stop at one of the viewpoints on the way, take a minute and observe Kaibobo from above before diving in a unique and fascinating world of optimism and delight. Get to know the everyday life in a marvelous village surrounded by the untouched, idyllic nature and people full of love and kindness. Walk through the small village or take your time on a bench and absorb the villagers in their daily routines: Listen to the people passing by while quietly singing traditional songs and kindly greeting you. Look at the happy children laughing, playing and swimming in the ocean. Fiest your eyes on the panoramic landscape all covered by tropical forest. Watch fishermen going out with their boats during a beautiful sunset or enjoy the crystal clear water and observe the lively underwater world which Kaibobo offers.  Whereas the two close neighbor islands Ula and Kasa Island provide you with an unforgettable time full of sandy beaches, coconuts and birds singing.

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