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Kaibobo is a cute, little and inspiring village in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mother nature – palm trees, mangroves, rainforest, scenery hills, beaches and crystal clear water. Besides getting to know a unique culture, breathtaking nature, the birds melodies or people singing you can even dive deeper into a life changing adventure – An adventure which makes you enjoying every single day to the fullest. An adventure which makes you appreciating life and its magic moments. So get your bathing suit, trekking shoes, a flash light and a camera – you definitely want to capture your moments.

You do not have enough of seeing Kaibobo from above during your way to get there? Take your shoes and some water to experience the charming and peaceful hills which surround the village. Get up early in the morning and enjoy a spectacular sunrise. Kaibobo`s villagers are waiting for you to guide you through the vivid rain forests.













The beautiful view while trekking in the hills around Kaibobo

Kaibobo`s villagers main activity and their best resource of income is fishing. Wherever you are, you can see the connection between the people and their fishing habit. Whether it is the kids standing out on the pier with their self-made fishing-rods, the huge fishing vessels in the sea or damaged fishing nets which the villagers now use for decoration in an artistic way such as their new garbage bins. Experience how a daily life of fishermen looks like, hop on one of the fishermen’s boat and spend some time with him showing you his fishing techniques

Snorkeling and Beaches
Since Kaibobo is an unexplored village, the ocean is still crystal clear, the corals await you to impress you with their colorful beauty.  Get on a boat and explore the undersea world of Kaibobo, the next door island Pulau Ula and Pulau Kasa, spend your days there for a relaxing time on the beach and come back with the boat during a romantic and inspiring sunset.  


The main reason why the villagers have a constant smile on their faces, why they are happy, grateful and welcoming is so unique and at the same time so simple. It is something which the many people nowadays almost forgot about: The simplicity and an artistic life style. Dancing, singing songs, writing or drawing is their passion and live it fully. Come, and see what the community offers you and maybe take some souvenirs to always get reminded of your amazing time in Kaibobo Village.

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