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There once was a treasure found – a pearl in the middle of nowhere. But somewhere where all the beauty lies within a strong community and a stunning and unexplored nature. A place so marvelous and unique named Kaibobo. A village which enlightens you with fascinating smiling faces, a variety of traditional dances, songs and extraordinary artists. Spending some time in Kaibobo and its kindhearted villagers show you that it is all about the small things - the simplicity in life – which is the main key to true happiness.
Kaibobo has been an isolated and hidden paradise for centuries but has now opened its doors for curious travelers to come and discover. By entering the village, you immediately feel the atmosphere of shelter and family surrounding you. Elderly intent remembering you to their graceful wisdom of “Always keep your roots but also look at other flowers to flourish completely.” Kaibobo`s culture has its origins in its own astonishing and time-honored history which gives you the possibility to face an immensely rewarding adventure while you are here. Only a short time in Kaibobo will be a long-lasting enrichment for visitors.  
But Kaibobo is not all about a powerful and warm hearted community living in peace and quiet. It is also the beauty of nature which makes your time unforgettable. Experiencing the mountainous and blooming surroundings, the fascinating and lively rainforests, paradisiac beaches and the crystal-clear water give you the feeling of living back in time.

In a time where traffic doesn`t exist, where a society is grateful for just your smile and where time is not counted by money but by the very present moment. 

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