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Kaibobo is not only a destination for daytrips and island hopping. In Kaibobo you even have the chance to deep into another world and experience a daily routine of the children, farmers or fishermen. Sing songs together with the locals or cook a typical Indonesian dish. All this and more is possible by staying in one of the homestays. The villagers have prepared their cute, colorful houses to welcome visitors from all over the world.



These are some of the houses and  huts you can stay in:


For those who are adventurous and love the simplicity of life, can find silence and pure nature on a campsite on the neighbor Island Pulau Ula. The locals are right now constructing simple huts all made of palm tree leaves and wood which Pulau Ula offers. This campsite will be another affordable getaway that the villagers of Kaibobo provide you. A place where you can enjoy the real beauty of nature and wilderness by sleeping under the stars while birds are singing and waves are slowly crashing. 

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