Ambon to Kaibobo

  • Take the Angkot ‘Liang’ to the Port in Liang. From here you take the ferry to Waipirit.

  • After arrival somebody can pick you up and bring you to Kaibobo.

  • If you have your own car or motor bike, follow the signs which bring you to the village.

  • If you prefer a pick up, please let the receptionist, Bapak Adrian, know at least one day in advance that you are coming so they can make your stay as pleaant as possible.

    ! Note: There are no buses going to Kaibobo since the road is not suitable for big cars!


Receptionist in Kaibobo













If you need further information in Indonesian, please do not hesitate to contact the following member of The Wonderful Maluku Project: 

Allan Ririhena
Project Coordinator
Telephone number: 082398990616






If you need further Information in English about Kaibobo please don`t hesitate to also contact us - The Wonderful Kaibobo Team Members:

Ingrid Bremmers
Journalist of The Wonderful Kaibobo Project




Teresa Cancola
Journalist of The Wonderful Kaibobo Project.
Photographer of all photos found on this website. 


Whether you want arranged transportation to the village, or you want to book a homestay, please feel free to contact Adrian. 

Bapak Adrian Souhuken             

Tel.: 082 199743924

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