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"Sharing is Caring"

Thank you for visiting our website and showing interest in (coming to) Kaibobo. Hidden paradise in West Seram. But before you leave, we, The Wonderful Kaibobo Team (2017), would like to share a story with you. A story with a message.
In the third week of being in Kaibobo a man came to us for help. A man who always had a smile on his face, except for this time. He asked us to sit down on the couch in his house. His facial expressions showing pain and seriousness. "Can you help me?" He asked. "I want to show you something. Maybe you have a cream that can solve the problem."
There we sat, waiting for him to show his injury. But as soon as he sat down and removed the bandage, it became clear that not any cream could solve it. Our only response was: "Go to the hospital as soon as possible."  "But I am busy with work", he said. It was at this moment that we realized that during none of the interviews, when we asked about their level of happiness, the interviewee mentioned their health. The things that were mentioned were that "life is a blessing", "we have enough food and water", "our business is independent", and so on and so on. There was not a single interview in which somebody mentioned health. Even though health is, according to us, one of the most important things in life. And that is why we ask you to "help the people and share with them" (Mickey Pesireron). 

Unfortunately, after this event, more people came up to us and asked us for our help. The main reason why they came to us was because they saw us walking around the village with a first aid kit. The latter we used mainly for ourselves when somebody did not feel well. But something as simple as a first aid kit can prevent diseases and infections. And that is why we would like to provide the villagers with first aid kits. But for us to realize this, we need your help. 
So whether you have already visited Kaibobo, or you want to after discovering its beauty on this website, we would like to ask you to share. To share just a few minutes of your time and money with the villagers of beautiful Kaibobo. A place where you will be welcomed by the villagers with open arms and where you will explore the beautiful simplicity of life. They will share their culture, stories and care with you. But we, The Wonderful Kaibobo Team, also want to say to you, the reader and (local) wonderer: "Sharing is caring."

Published on: 08-07-2017
Written by: Ingrid Bremmers
Photographers: Teresa Cancola and Ingrid Bremmers


We, Teresa Cancola and Ingrid Bremmers, will be in charge of the GoFundMe account.
Therefore the time and money that you will share with the villagers will first go to us. We will then send the money to Allan Ririhena (see 'contact' for more information). Who on his turn will buy the first aid kits in his home city of Ambon. Then, while regularly visiting the village, he will distribute them to the villagers.
Thank you in advance on behalf of all the villagers of Kaibobo and The Wonderful Kaibobo Team (2017). 

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