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The treasure of Kaibobo: Eucalyptus Oil 

Kaibobo was the first village on Seram Island which started to produce eucalyptus oil. Since 1980 the production has become one of the main activities of the villagers which generates one source of income for the villagers to feed their families and to live a healthy lifestyle. Kaibobo is surrounded by beautiful hills providing the area with numerous of eucalyptus trees, of which the leaves are the key element for the production of the oil.


The Production Process of Eucalyptus oil in Kaibobo


In order to find out more about the production and the technique Tessa, from the product innovation team, got on an expedition and has found out interesting and astonishing facts about the Kaibobos and their individual process to provide their area with eucalyptus oil.


Mostly, early in the morning women, men and children in the village pick the leaves in the hills surrounding Kaibobo. The bushes are quite low so it is easy to reach them. They take all the leaves from the branches and put it in large bags or baskets. After a few hours women carry bags and baskets of around 30 KG on their heads back to the village.

The eucalyptus leaves are then collected and stored on the ground ready to be processed. There are large tanks in the village filled with water where you put the eucalyptus leaves in. Flames underneath the tank heats it up to create condensation. The water and the oil of the eucalyptus leaves go through a pipe out of the first tank and leads to a cold water tank in order to cool down the condensation. Finally, the oil and the water are in a jerry can where it gets separated to produce the 100% pure eucalyptus oil.

Eucalyptus Oil in Kaibobo
Producing Eucalyptus Oil in Kaibobo

Useful unformation about eucalyptus oil

The eucalyptus oil of Kaibobo is a 100% pure organic oil which can be used for quite a lot of different purposes such as curing a cold or flu, nausea, headaches, or to decrease the itch of mosquito bites. Just massage the oil on those places on your skin where you don`t feel comfortable. Also, asthma is a condition which affects millions of people nowadays and even though there are many treatments, eucalyptus oil is one of the best to choose from. Simply massage 1-3 drops onto the chest and the soothing effect of the aroma will calm the throat which brings more oxygen into the lungs to make you breath normally again.

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