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Mecky Pesireron and his wife Olla

Conducted on: 03-06-2017
Published on: 30-06-2017 
Written by: Ingrid Bremmers
Photographer: Teresa Cancola

“Before we die, we want to live the life we imagined. Like this. Surrounded by the sound of silence.”

Six weeks earlier
Facu, Tessa and I left early in the morning to explore ‘the beach’ we had seen from far away. A beach that looked so nice and peaceful that we just had to go there. We passed an abandoned house and a lot of coconut trees. The beach was nowhere to be seen until we heard someone calling us from behind some bushes. He appeared and asked where we were trying to go. “To the white beach”, we said. He looked at us and put his farming equipment aside. Upon which he said: “follow me, I will bring you there.”  We followed him and walked a path that was called a walking path but was more like an ‘instant, let’s create a path’ path. But as soon as we saw the beach we thought we had arrived at the most peaceful place. A place where Kaibobian life had never existed. The only thing we heard was the sound of the sea. We followed the man to the house and as soon as he stopped, we did the same thing. “Permisi”, he said. On which an older men answered, ‘ya’. The man came out and as soon as he saw us, his face turned into one big smile. His wife soon followed and gave us beer, water and cookies. A friendship had started.


And here we are. Sitting across from both Mecky and Olla. The couple living on the silent and peaceful side of Kaibobo. He, seventy-four-years-old. Born in Kaibobo and who worked in the government tax department for almost forty years. After which he worked in a hotel (accountancy) and came back to Kaibobo in 2010. Her, a seventy-one-year-old woman. Born in Southwest Maluku, but a father from Kaibobo. She graduated from Senior High School in language and worked for two years (1965-1967) before her marriage. This beautiful couple, both enormously friendly and always a smile on their faces, have eight children (one of whom died after eighteen days), fourteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Together they had a dream: “Before we die, we want to live the life we imagined. Like this.” And with like this they mean in silence with their own house, which they started building in 2005. This house and peacefulness “will help us to have a longer life.” A life in which they have learned four things so far.
Firstly, share. “No matter what you have, you don’t have to see who you share it with. You always get something back from it.” Secondly, “we should manage the money. It does not matter how much money you have, you have to manage it.” Thirdly, just try to give an example and then people will follow.” And lastly, help the people and share with them. By just sharing, “you can get a better life.” This goes along with their belief in God that he can guide you to a better place. A better life.

It was beautiful to see that during the interview they talked about all these lessons with joy in their eyes. A joy that did not went away when they started talking about their potential future homestays. Homestays that he wants to build on the pier. A pier with a beautiful view on the sunset. He wants to set this up and continue focusing on fishing. Ola does not have a paid job. But that does not mean she does not enjoy life. She is happy that she has enough to eat and that they live very well. Mickey on the other hand does not care about food, “as long as I have a peaceful heart, I am happy”.

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